Welcome to the
Overcomer Foundation 
Funding Quality Child Care

A 501(c)3 organization


“We’re proud to launch the Overcomer Foundation. While financially, we will provide assistance for child care, the foundation is more than that. We want to be there for families, serving as mentors, resources and connection points as they reach their fullest potential.” 

Sarah Crabtree Perez
Co-founder, Chair, President

Working single mothers already have mountains to climb. Work, school, home, making ends meet. All big, daily challenges. On top of that, they must make the often heart-wrenching choice between inadequate child care – that could cost them more than one-third of their paycheck* – or higher-quality child care – that could cost as much as their entire paycheck. For these women, quality child care makes it difficult to make ends meet, or worse, forces good employees out of the labor market altogether.**
*Child Care Aware® of America, 2018
**Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow, The Business Case for High-Quality Childcare, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, June 2017
And that’s where the Overcomer Foundation comes in. We seek to help families overcome this critical challenge by providing funds to cover child care expenses. Providing this access is a powerful, future-focused approach that benefits not one, not two, but three generations of Central Ohio citizens.

Today’s working single mothers will have a more solid foundation from which to confidently seek training and education to enter and remain in the Central Ohio workforce at a good wage. Their children will have opportunities for learning and socialization in child care centers that they otherwise would not have access. As adults, these children will, in turn, see the possibility for education and work in a supportive community where they will raise their own children. And, Central Ohio employers benefit from a stable, trained and educated workforce.

What is the mission of the Overcomer Foundation?

The primary mission of the Overcomer Foundation is to fund child care expenses. Through our partnerships with local organizations, we will work to identify a mother in need of this opportunity. We will listen to her goals, discuss child care options that meet her needs and determine if the Overcomer Foundation is a good fit.

The Overcomer Foundation will serve as a community and networking resource for working single mothers. Once a mother is in the program, the Overcomer Foundation will act as a hub to connect her to other services throughout the Central Ohio community. She also may be paired with a mentor with whom she can discuss opportunities and options that will help guide her toward her goals and ultimate success.